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Urban Survival Kit – A collection of items that may help you survive a disaster when kept handy and available at a moments notice.

That is my definition of an urban survival kit.

Hi, I’m Thomas!

I live in southwest Michigan by “The Big Blue”. (Lake Michigan) I am an outdoors kind of guy that roams the woods daily. I work from my man-cave at home. I am also very conscious of my surroundings and the state of the world around us. Of course, there are some things I choose to ignore or be oblivious to, but for the most part, being aware of what is going on around my area is my strong suit.

I first started making survival kits several years ago. I gave some away, sold some on ebay, and have several that I am still adding items to. Always trying to learn what may be a better choice to include in my urban survival kit and keep it easy to manage is a challenge.

There are so many personal choices that everything that I have included in my survival kit, may not be useful to you in your survival kit. Not every person has the knowledge to use certain items, or even have a use for them at all. That’s why you will never hear me say “YOU MUST HAVE THIS IN YOUR “SURVIVAL KIT” OR YOU WILL PERISH”!

So keep that in mind, that not everything mentioned on this website will work for you. You must make your own choices based on what you know, what you feel comfortable with, and your skill level to use the survival tools and knowledge.

Most of my survival skills have come from “doing” and/or learning while in the woods, urban settings, or classroom. Some things are very natural feeling, a common sense type knowledge due to experience, and some have to be learned via instructions.

I worked as a Building Inspector/Building Official/Plan Reviewer for 10 years. With that knowledge, I can tell where the safest place is in a building, whether a building is safe, and it has attuned my senses to locate and know the safest and quickest exit out of a building. (this always amazes my wife)

My edible plant skills, and outdoor survival skills have been learned through experience and educating myself. I have spent many days and nights camping in all conditions, from the Amazon Rain Forest to 25 degrees below zero in the north country. In mountains, valleys, and on rivers, my camping adventures have always been a learning experience.

There is a lot of turmoil and uncertainty in our world today. You just have to be aware of your surroundings and have a plan to keep yourself and your family safe in times of calamity or disaster. It comes in many shapes, forms, and from ways you may not have even thought of.

Be informed, be aware, and be prepared!

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