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An Urban Survival Kit Could Save Your Life

Do You Have an Urban Survival Kit?

First of all, do you know how to prepare for a disaster in the region you live in? Second, if you are prepared, or at least think you are, do you have a family disaster plan?

These are the things we will discuss and talk about on this website. I just want to get useful information out to you so you can use it, learn from it, and quite possibly it could save your life, or the lives of those around you. Knowledge, understanding, and correct action can be the difference.

In the coming posts, information on preparing a family disaster plan, what to have in an urban survival kit, supplies you should stock up on, how to store food safely, where and how to get water when the supply source is gone, what items go first off the shelves at the store when disaster hits, and should you stay at home, or have an alternate safe site to bug out to?

There are a lot of different views on how to prepare for a disaster, but a basic knowledge of what could happen in your own region, be it hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, environmental disasters, food shortages, fire, or terrorist attacks, you need to prepare and have a plan in place.

urban survival kit


You don’t have to go to extremes with a fortified bunker and a weapons cache, but ignoring and being oblivious to such calamities is not being smart and borders on being reckless. So you need to decide what level you want to take your preparedness to. Be smart.

Everyday the news is full of disaster reports, attacks, hazardous weather, and new, or continuous environmental issues, not to mention the state of our food supply. With all the things going on in this crazy world, who knows what will happen next.

I don’t like to use scare tactics or be so negative, but, that is what it takes to get some people’s attention. I, myself, am a super positive person that is also a realist. I do have some skills that are directly related to survival and I am also constantly learning and acquiring new survival skills and materials to protect my family from negative forces.

Here is a food storage video that you may be interested in.




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